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You know, the economic development issues in Mozambique could be quite different from what perplexes community leaders in Los Angeles.

But moving ahead fearlessly, your editors want to know what you would like to ask about successful job creation in industries that add to the economic base of your community.  (Here "industries" is professional talk and could refer to any general classification of employment.)

While temporary but wrenching economic upheavals seem to be occurring in parts of Asia, Europe, and the U.S., other "less developed" parts of the world simply continue to suffer from the ups and downs brought on by drought, disease, war, poverty, and ethnic or religious rivalries.

By attempting to serve all sizes of communities and to allow the international community to make gentle corrections to our admittedly very U.S.-centered experience, we hope that all peoples can learn from one another and appreciate their own good fortune and culture.

As we try to bring out through this site, the goal of economic development is not confined to a consumer-led economy.  We think any discussion of economic development issues should consider also the links between a satisfactory standard of living for all social classes and the ability of all peoples to contribute meaningfully to a society.

Many of the good things available to human beings, such as discovery, the arts, and idea sharing, only happen when education is universal and when disease and prejudice are held in check.  Some degree of well-being in health and education is a prerequisite to very much accomplishment in economic development.

So when we consider economic development issues from the standpoint of the greater social good, we see that something other than the greed of a few is at stake.

We encourage you to complete the form below to ask your question.  You can remain anonymous if you wish.  We select the questions we can understand and answer at least in part.  Other site visitors are welcome to comment and help answer questions as well.  These are edited for clarity, and then the questions and answers are included below.

Don't worry about whether you're in the correct category of the community development question section of the website.  We can fix it if we think another category will work better for you than this economic development issues sub-category.

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Do you have a question for other visitors and the editors? This is a good place to bring up burning issues about how your community can create income from the outside world. Then you watch for the answers to appear on the web. Give us enough detail so the answer is helpful.

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