What Real-World Economic Development Success Stories Can We Share?

Economic development success stories were commonplace a few years ago, but if you want a genuinely recent good news story from the U.S. or Europe, you'll have to look hard. But that's what we're asking. What's working right now, if anything, for you?

At the bottom of the page, give us a couple of good paragraphs, just informal and blog style, about what has happened somewhere recently. What are the transferable lessons we can learn from that situation? Sometimes economic development is just dumb luck, but probably not in this general climate. So what should we know about the successful job creation ventures?

In a slow economy, and in an environment where U.S. banks are not lending what they have, business investment in new jobs has been a very gradual climb from the recent recession.

Recent research reports suggest that job creation has resulted from advances in technology and health care.

Governments and school districts still are suffering and in some instances laying off folks instead of hiring. So there is no one sector that a community should emphasize.

In times such as these, we suspect that economic development success stories will emphasize new collaborations, homegrown businesses that don't rely on luxury spending, appropriate levels of government support if genuinely necessary, taking advantage of existing designations of disadvantaged areas for special treatment, and careful and imaginative pursuit of community-based solutions for business problems faced by major employers.

Below you'll find a form where you can enter some narrative about what you know, keeping the specifics as vague as you need. You also can send up to four photographs, which would be a nice but not essential addition to this category.

This site is rich with economic development concepts and horse sense, as opposed to all the hype generally associated with this specialty. Let's keep it that way as we try to focus on practical tips for the new reality in U.S. and world economics.

What's Working Right Now in Economic Development?

Have you had a success in economic development in the last couple of years? We mean, since things sort of fell apart in September, 2008. Please share it, so others can learn new ways to get their cities and towns back on track.

Other People's Economic Development Success Stories

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