Mithi river clean up

by Carter

Crawling ahead at snail's pace, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) surveyed and marked another stretch of slums for demolition near the Mithi river, as part of the Mithi clean-up drive.

In November 2007, the Phase II work on the river was started and removed about 12.11 lakh cubic metre of silt as of March 31,2008. The next step is to clear the alignment of the river according to the Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS) recommendations. That will, of course, include removal of more encroachments along the river.'

About 1,000 slum dwellers — supported by social activist Medha Patkar — congregated near the river on Thursday morning to protest the survey. They alleged that while their homes and industries are being destroyed on one side, an embankment is being built on the other so that large commercial buildings and complexes can come up.

Rukshana Chowdary, a 43-year-old resident of the slum near Hari Masjid said, "I am not against development. I don't mind if they want to raze our slums but they should house us in this locality itself. Our life, businesses, our children's schools are in this area. How can we be torn off from the place our family has lived in for over 50 years?"

The residents of Sainath slum near Bandra-Kurla Complex, said that the MMRDA officials visited their area without notice and have marked around 800 houses and commercial establishments. They checked slums around Hari Masjid, Sainath Nagar, Maharashtra Chawl Committee and Indira Nagar in Kurla. We hear that by tomorrow they are going to hand over rehabilitation notices to all the marked houses.'

Editors' note: Stream clean up can mean many things, some of them very unfortunate for long-time residents.

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open sewer clean up
by: Anonymous

Let's develop a way to clean up an open sewer perfectly. Build an incinerator that can handle mixed trash and sewage. Get people thinking of cleaning up open sewers. Get ideas of how to do this going!

Clean Up of Mithi River
by: Sid of India

Mithi River is a 16-17 kilometers long river which balances the water level of Mumbai during heavy rainfalls but unfortunately is also the biggest drainage channel of Mumbai used by both rich and poor alike to discharge all the legal and illegal industrial, residential and factory waste.

Large quantities of plastic wastes and garbage dumped in the river have turned it into the biggest ecological problem of Mumbai. More than Rs.6000 million have been allocated for the cleanup drive of Mithi river and till now only 5?10% of the required work has been done in contrast to the 70-80% claimed by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC).

In the first phase almost 1000 million have been spent for the desilting and widening of the river. In this phase thousand tons of toxic sediments containing toxic heavy metals are emptied in the open space in the eastern suburb of Mumbai without any required treatments as per set guidelines of the pollution board.

In the second phase of the cleanup drive building of retaining walls, cleaning, beautification and other works were done at an estimated cost of Rs.2180 million. In this process almost 1000 slum dwellers have been removed from the place by BMC while following High court directive as they say but instead 300 acres of land has been planned at the same dissipation space for an industrial complex. Thousands of slum families which were dependent on their scrap shops along the shores of Mithi River have been closed down by BMC.

But a serious ecological problem like this needs a lot more efforts. Proper plans for sewers on both banks of river, dredging the entire length to improve the capacity, proper garbage collection and most importantly awareness among the local people towards cleaning up of river is what should be done for saving the Mithi River.

Clean Up Drive of Mithi River
by: shaikh mohammed aslam sharfuddin

The mithi river which originates at Powai and meets the Arabian Sea at Mahim Creek, flows through residential and industrial complexes of Powai, Saki Naka, Kurla, Kalina, Vakola, Bandra-Kurla complex, Dharavi and Mahim over a distance of about 15 km. The river bed is narrow at the initial stretch and is about 10 meters wide but it is wider at Bandra-Kurla complex.

Since mithi river is the meeting point of Powai Lake and Vihar Lake the water quality of the Mithi River is of good quality at least at the origin. But the river is polluted by industrial waste generated by authorized as well as unauthorized industries; animal waste due to cow sheds in various areas, garbage dumping by citizens all along its course, industrial sludge and rejects discarded by recyclers at Kalina and CST Road. However the clean up drive for the river has began though at a snail rate.

Some of the clean up drive of the mithi river initiated by the authority?s include: 1) Providing sewerage system on both the banks of the river so that the sewage is collected and treated at various locations; this will help in reducing the pollution of the river to a great extent. 2) Industrial pollution causes chemical pollution which have adverse affects on the water hence steps are initiated to stop all the unauthorized industries as mentioned above. 3) Proper garbage collection system on both banks of the river. 4) Some other steps taken to clean the Mithi River and to improve flow pattern include cleaning of the bed of Mithi river right from Powai to Mahim, removing sludge from the bed of Mithi River, to use this river for internal navigation purpose. 5)Rehabilitation of the dwellings along the Mithi River to increase the efficiency of the clean up of the river.

Mithi River Pollution Control Requires Some Consideration
by: balasubramaniam

The Mithi River requires some consideration for clean up:

The domestic sewage because of residential areas are more in number in this area. The waste of the industries is generated in this Mithi River. The industries are both authorized and unauthorized. The animal wastage are also comes in this Mithi River from different parts.

Most of the people know about cleanliness even though they are dumping their garbage in this river. The points which have to be considered to clean up the Mithi River are the government can offer a sewerage system on both banks of the Mithi River.

It is also better idea, if the unauthorized industries stop the scrap recyclers and waste oil recyclers. Providing a good garbage collection system on both banks of the Mithi River will reduce the collection of garbage dumped in this river.

To develop the flow of the Mithi River, it is very important to clean the river from the place of Powai to Mahim; it will help to handle the load for the river. To develop the river water quality, sewage system plants have to be installed in many places. It is also a good idea to plant beautiful vegetation on banks of the Mithi River.

The unemployed people can get a job cleaning the River. It is the duty of every citizen to keep the environment clean. So everyone has to take some step, according to their capacity to clean up the Mithi River. They can avoid dumping garbage in this river; the industries can design a new plan to dispose of their waste properly.

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