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From this page we intend to accumulate stories and photos about your ideas about the best Main Street.  The form at the end of this page lets visitors tell about why they like a particular thoroughfare, which of course might or might not literally be called Main Street. You might give examples of unique shops or restaurants, events, streetscape projects, revitalization techniques, attraction and retention methods, and clean-ups that provided the extra oomph that your most famous roadway needed to remain an activity magnet in the community.

Perhaps your major street is great because it offers vibrant shopping or recreation, it accommodates every method of transportation graciously, it is wide and beautifully landscaped, or maybe this street is narrow and lined with wonderful historic buildings.

Maybe you really did your homework about retail attraction, and have assembled an exquisite collection of businesses. Retail is more and more difficult, but an active recruitment program can result in an attractive and interesting assemblage.

Whether the function of the street is retail, office, service, residential, or all of the above, the Main Street anchors downtown and provides a focal point for community pride. Almost everywhere in the U.S., it has been a struggle to keep every place on  Main Street occupied.   Some other parts of the world are much more successful.

As retail tastes have changed, and big box stores sell a very large share of the goods that Americans purchase, your principal commercial thoroughfare has had to reinvent itself time and again to stay relevant, if your community is typical.

Newer suburbs and other places without a traditional Main Street frequently try to create one, and success of these projects varies. Often they look fake because they are fake; real downtowns were built over years, not months. Although quality urban design features an overall pattern or motif, variation is essential as well to prevent monotony and boredom. Perhaps your community runs counter to the trend, and has built a compelling town center that does not feel contrived.

Of course in many cities across the world, the historic heart of downtown continues to thrive. Tell the rest of us how you keep that area vital. Are economic development strategies based on Westernization and urbanization affecting your version of Main Street? If so, how?

So let's see some of your nominations for great downtown efforts. Below you'll learn what some communities are doing. If we accept your text and up to four photos, the result is a new freestanding web page that you can use in social media. 

What's Your Favorite Main Street?

What Main Street type of place (no matter what it's called) makes you want to visit over and over again?

What Others Say

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Palm Canyon Drive A Desert Version of America's Main Street Not rated yet
Palm Canyon Drive is the Main Street of Palm Springs, California, the desert community in the heart of the Coachella Valley of the Mojave Desert. Most …

Police Bazaar Street ("Main Street" in Shillong, India) Not rated yet
The police bazaar street itself tells many things about the place, about the people and about the tradition and culture of the place. The police bazaar …

Shopping Junction Not rated yet
My favourite street/road is Connaught place road, in Delhi(India). It's very lively and always crowded; the glamour of CP attracts everyone for their love …

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