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The Best Fund Raising Event  Builds Relationships

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You will quickly start searching for the best fund-raising event when your community organization begins an important project that would stretch your budget. So rather than complaining about having to do a fund raiser, look at the opportunity to become better friends with some new people and groups, and to build community spirit.

This is your page to tell us what has worked with you; the form and what others have submitted is below.

In fact, if your need for money is not urgent, maybe one of your major benchmarks for success should be how much community buy-in, as measured by new acquaintances, good will, and friendships, your event can accomplish.

People in the non-profit world, neighborhood associations, and community development corporations will have dynamite fund raising ideas.  Just for the fun of it, on this page we will concentrate on events, which tend to have a social element rather than just selling something.

Below you will have an opportunity to send us your photos to boast a little about your great event and to tell us the secrets of your success.

We imagine readers would want to know your net proceeds in general terms or at least how your income compared to expenses. They also are interested in the effort necessary, side benefits such as new members or press coverage that you achieved, and how exhausted everyone was afterward.

Usually on this site, we advocate fund raisers that can be repeated periodically because the event tends to become more polished every year.   But our readers may have recently hosted a first-time or one-time event that others might be able to adapt to their own circumstances.

After the form, you can see the first few lines of what others have sent us too. We moderate and edit enough so that you have the quality content you expect from this site.

Your best fund raising event should reflect the personality of your group. If you're family-oriented, chances are your fund-raiser builds in plenty of opportunity for kids of all ages to have some fun.

But in sophisticated urban and urbane neighborhoods, maybe a really imaginative upscale party would be just the ticket.  A few communities may enjoy the black tie gala, but even those must be extremely imaginative these day to attract a following.

There is no need to stretch your neighborhood identity to raise some money; just have fun being yourselves.

Incidentally, now we've added our own philosophy about raising enough money on a how to fundraise page.

Did your neighborhood have a great fund raising event?

Here we're interested only in fund raising events that benefited a neighborhood or community association, not a school or good cause in general.

Tell us about the location, invitation, decorations, publicity, amount you made, effort required, number of people involved, and so forth. What would you do differently next time? Was it worth the effort? What would make it even more successful?

Did the fund raising event have some side effects such as building neighborliness? Did you have fun, or was it more on the hard work end of the spectrum?

What Others Have Done

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In Berkeley Springs, West Virginia every year we hold a Relay for Life event at one of our schools in town on the track. Relay for Life is a fund raising …

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