Best International Development Strategies: What Are They?

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Last Updated: January 20, 2022

The best international development strategies empower people to earn a living, live in sanitary and health-promoting conditions, obtain an education, and choose their own destinies in terms of social, political, and religious persuasions. We have to admit to believing firmly in democracy, despite all its failings, so we add self determination for ordinary citizens to the list.

We would like to have a collection of ideas about how to bring about healthy development, especially in the world's poorest nations, but also in other areas where human rights issues, war, disease, poverty, climate change challenges, large numbers of displaced people, and environmental problems make everyday life precarious.

How can the so-called developing nations reap some of the benefits of advanced education, technology, and technology transfer without suffering through the same cycles of over-industrialization and over-consumption that have now left many Western nations with a legacy of debt, fear, and environmental degradation that will not easily be overcome?

As democracy teeters and autocracy seems to be gaining ground around the world, do you find that trend to be helpful to humankind or harmful? 

What are your best ideas and experiences about how to eliminate crippling degrees of global poverty?

This website is very serious and not particularly in the sweet spot of the Internet, but we have readers from every continent on almost every day of the year. So we ask you what is your suggestion about the best courses of action for developing countries? What should rich countries that get into social and economic trouble do? Indeed, what should all of us do about climate change?

The best international development strategies seem to us to be likely to reduce disparities in wealth, educational success, health outcomes, environmental cleanliness, and happiness between peoples. Surely all nations must share the desire for peace, stability, predictability, and prosperity for all.

Then again, that might reflect our political frame of reference and not yours. But we don't think so. It is true that some dictators and leaders who become intoxicated with their own importance only want to make themselves richer and enhance their reputations and number of followers, but ordinary people across the globe want the simple things that make a good life.

Since this website aims to help good folks work in their own geographic communities, not at a national or international scale, your contribution can and probably should concentrate on what you are doing or attempting to do at the local level. But if you are a "big picture" thinker about community development in the less developed countries, those theoretical ideas are most welcome also.

How do you think that refugees can make a home for themselves amidst an international refugee camp or a culture quite foreign to their own? Considering that worldwide displacement is at a peak not seen since the end of World War II, how does that impact your ideas on international community development and strategy for developing nations?

Now is your time to make the world a better place, starting with the simple step of keyboarding your opinion or experiences, and uploading photos, if you like, below. If we accept your little story as we will if we think it is understandable to our readers, the result will be a web page that you can use on social media or in other attempts to spread your ideas or the story of your experiences. More importantly, you will be contributing to the thought processes that make a better world.

Thanks for your thoughtful contribution. We edit for good English and to make entries relatively brief and of the high quality you've come to expect from us, but we don't change your thought. If we the editors feel we can comment intelligently on your post, we will do so. Readers will be able to comment as well.

The form is just below, and after that, you can see what other people have sent us.

And if you just don't feel you can contribute in this way, you might look to see a list of the posts on this website that are relevant to international development

What Strategy Would You Suggest for International Development?

Do you have an opinion about the best international development strategy? Why is it "best"? Is it the most equitable, the most wealth producing, the most entertaining, the most exciting, the easiest to implement?

How did you learn about this strategy, or was it your invention? Tell us the whole story.

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