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Here visitors share stories and anecdotes about community development and improvement experiences. And we allow your friends, family, associates, and yes, complete strangers to comment about what you have shared. We moderate and edit everything to maintain high quality content.

Storytelling actually is a huge plus to residents and professionals engaged in community development.  By hearing others talk about what worked and what did not work for them, we begin to form opinions about our own situation and consider strategies we may have thought to be impractical.   Every day on this website we are impressed with how people who have been very active in their communities still are learning about the fundamentals of community development through browsing the site.

The other important role of storytelling in community development is to encourage youth, young adults, and adults who have never been interested in community work to understand the human dimension of community projects. By understanding what works and what did not work in terms of community improvement, everyone from elected officials to the garbage collectors can do a better job.

This page is where the real storytellers among us can become our teachers and mentors.

This is the place for the secret writer, the highly experienced activist, or the newly retired and bored to tell us what has happened directly to them, or what they know has happened to others, as they have engaged in community development, housing projects, economic development, community improvement and beautification, community organizing, city planning, zoning, homeowners association adventures, or land use litigation.

If you are not usually a storyteller, maybe a long winter evening or lazy summer vacation day will inspire you.

Just last week I heard a story about how a couple of real estate developers had put together a large group of investors to renovate a downtown office building into a creative mix of uses. Everything was going very well until the city government stepped in, seemingly devising new obstacles, requirements, and procedures that must be met at every step of the way.

The particulars of that story would be meaningful not only in the U.S. city where it occurred, but also in many other cities where governments similarly have stifled great development opportunities.

In community development, imitation is very common, but it's the response when there is a new twist in the plot that would help others to understand this field.

In working with older parts of cities especially, there's always something unexpected, such as finding an old cemetery, discovering that the sewer line isn't where the as-built plans showed it to be, finding a tribal burial ground in someone's back yard, or unearthing a long-forgotten tunnel or passageway between buildings that had been covered over.

This page is for longer-form stories about such happenings, rather than the little snippets most people will take the time to write. Also it would be great to have some long-time activists to share how they have spurred neighborhood revitalization.

Before the form, let's make sure you're going to share stories in the optimum place on our site. We've split up the visitor-contributed content into several strands.

So use this link if you want to ask a question, and if you want to contribute to specialized topics, you can see that list by returning to community development ideas page.

Otherwise, please use the form below to share stories with people interested in community development all across the globe. What you write may be edited, and occasionally the editors will step in and make a comment. We allow only truly worthwhile comments to be displayed with your story. Below the form, you will see what others have written.

Have An Interesting Experience to Tell Us About?

Have you experienced or witnessed a lesson or a remarkable turn of events related to community and economic development, or the other topics on this site? This is the place to spin a yarn, tell a tale, and let it all flow out. There's a word limit, but most of your won't reach it, so let the storytelling begin.

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