Shopping Junction

by Rajni
(Delhi, India)

My favourite street/road is Connaught place road, in Delhi(India). It's very lively and always crowded; the glamour of CP attracts everyone for their love for shopping and entertainment. It has offices, houses, markets, motels, there cannot be anything that cannot be found here.

The central park of Connaught Place has always been a venue for cultural events. It is famous for its varied restaurants of each culture and community, has the cinemas and multiplexes and Bookshops. It is still a premier shopping destination of Delhi.

Palika Bazaar at Connaught Place is an underground supermarket, that offers electronic goods and clothes at reasonable prices. But you should be an expert at bargaining, if you want to buy something here. Sunday Bazaar on the ramparts of Red Fort is known as 'Chor Bazaar' (meaning a market of thieves) or 'Kabadi Bazaar' (meaning trash market) among the locals. You can get almost anything, from antiques to beautiful bottles to secondhand clothes to carpets.

Cannought Place attracts the foreigners too and one can see tourists visiting from different countries shop here.

About its architecture and buildings: it's structured in Victorian style in two circles, outer and inner circle.

The Inner Circle offers all the international brands, finest restaurants, eateries and bars. It has always attracted a huge crowd of both rich and middle class families, due to its big showrooms of famous brands to small groceries shops. People from different states come here for business opportunties, they come here during a season, earn hugely and go back to their states after a season. There are many hotels and motels with affordable rents. Since it's a hot spot for many tourists, it's been taken care of by Special division for keeping it clean and neat.

It has also been a target for terrorists who attached it in 2008; 3 bombs exploded during the peak hours in the evening killing over dozens but it resumed its operations next day normally like nothing happened. The courage people showed at that time was encouraging; even the attack couldnt deter the occupants of this area.

It is in the central Delhi, so its also easier to visit the famous monuments that surround it like India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar(another monument). I suggest this place for visitors who visit from a different country or who travel to Delhi from other states of India. It's cheap to affortable, easily accessible, neat and highly classic.

Editors Reply: Sounds like Connaught place road is a best Main Street. What streets do others like?

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