The Saga of Silver Springs, Nevada

by Stephanie Wozniak
(Silver Springs, Nevada)

Nightmare or feng shui challenge? This place is sadly lacking in prosperity, overflowing with derelict trailers, ugly buildings and the general epitome of the detritus of America.

So "Why did you move there?" I have been asked more times than I can count. "Why don't you just sell your house and move?" "Where would you go?"

There are more questions than answers like why did our county commissioners cancel code enforcement in the name of budget cutting when clearly allowing folks to let their properties turn into mini garbage dump junkyards with all the tumbleweed, cheat grass and goat head that can grow in spite of the dryness...drives investors and longtime residents alike away resulting in even lower county revenues.

The prevailing negativity, the we can't, we're not, we don't, it isn't, we won't is enough to challenge even the toughest of the tough ones who are still here working on finding the path to positive change.

The sunsets are incredible, the vast starry sky at night amazing and clear, little if any snow to shovel in the winter, lovely walks and vistas to be found around Lahontan Resevoir, world-class fishing, boating, skiing and monumental beauty at near-by Lake Tahoe to the west and Pyramid Lake on the Paiute Reservation to the north. A test of the depth of our faith, hope and stamina. Lots of sunhsine, lots of wind.

Sometimes it seems so hopeless and ugly. We have a wood preserving facility here and no grocery store, bank or pharmacy. More than 50% of our population are seniors and/or veterans and way too many are let's just say down on their luck and health and then there are those who think they own the place and have some kind of right to violate every possible concept of civilized life and unslothfulness and have no problem violating my right to a decent quality of life and the better state of health that comes with an unclutered and clean environment.

Clutter is a stress factory and stress causes illness. Just like methamphetamine destroys your dental health, looking at the unsightly is no better for one's mental health. What could be worse?

What could be better is bringing our troops home from Afghanistan and doing here what we haven't been able to do there. Do for ourselves and set an example. Dismantle, recycle and rebuild a better world. Thank you.

Editors' Reply: Wow. Usually we have a lot to say back to people who write in, because we like sharing our experience. Not in your case; you're very eloquent. Thanks for the lovely piece of writing, and good luck in derelict property clean up.

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Saga continues
by: Anonymous

Wow great writing.

It is a dilemma to be a new resident and have a vision that continually gets blacked by abandoned cars and burned out buildings. Things pile up quick here and Lyon County seems to forget its tax paying citizens. I noticed law enforcement got a new armored vehicle, how about some paved roads or at least a load of gravel.

Desert sad city
by: Anonymous

Silver Springs is the most depressed, crime written, poverty-stricken sad city I have ever seen. There are abandoned trailers everywhere and wrecked cars and garbage in yard after yard. If you go through there make sure you bring food because there's none there. Also there are no pharmacies, no hospitals, and no hotels. Luckily there is a gas station so you can fill up and keep moving! The one positive thing I saw in Silver Springs is the beautiful Starry Starry Nights!

Silver Springs --Slum!
by: Doug

The sign on the highway should read "WELCOME TO DOGPATCH USA'. There are decaying homes that have sat empty for years and landscape shrubs consisting of Ironweed that stands 4 feet tall in the front yard and yard decorations consisting of anything that the residents can throw out of the door. Why use the dump when you have all that unused space around the yard for your trash?
The East Side of Silver Springs is disgraceful.
While there are a few residents that try to maintain their property, their neighbors take pride in displaying how to live like "White Trash".
As far as rentals go, it's a "Slumlords Paradise."

Silver Springs, peace and quiet
by: Anonymous

Being from the L.A. Calif area when I moved out to Silver Springs the only thing I thought of is what am I going to do out here and certain areas are unsightly. I then saw the sunrises, sunsets clear skies, shining stars and it was quiet--things I did not have in Los Angeles. I found work at the school district which gave me something to do. I also enjoy the lake,found a rock hunting group, get involved in community projects. I landscape my property and keep it up to the best of my ability. It is nice because I don't have neighbors glaring in my yard or watching every thing I do as was the case in Los Angeles.

Being on 5 acres compared to 1200 sq ft house with a small patio is like heaven to me. Yes, there are properties that need cleaning up and it should be enforced so I blame that partly on the county officials. I think it will be a shame if Silver Springs grows too much and gets to be to much like an overcrowded city. Let's not forget there are water issues which could be the end of Silver Springs if not handled properly.

USA Parkway
by: Anonymous

I can't imagine any developer in their right mind buying land in Silver Springs unless they are blind. People think the USA Parkway will be the answer to cleaning up this dump. Drive through the filthy neighborhood behind Subway. How will the Parkway benefit that pigsty. Code enforcement asap would be a start. I have little faith that will happen. I wouldn't want to buy a $350,000 with a drug infested skid row in my community. Soap and water are free, if you know what I mean.


two words: USA PARKWAY
by: Anonymous

date: 2016-12-18

Wait till USA Parkway is completed. This town will clean up in a few years due to the rise in property values... All those employees that work at the industrial park need to live somewhere and Reno is starting to get priced out for them.

ps: add dates to your articles and the posts left here. No one can tell how old these posts are.

Editors Reply: We like your suggestion of adding dates, and will start implementing it.

Wait......I want to buy a home in Silver Springs
by: Terri F.

I have visited and dreamed of buying a home in silver springs for almost a year now. I have to admit that there are some very run down sad looking properties there and I assumed it was due to the current state of our economy. I have however contacted an agent and have begun my house hunt. The fact that I can own property for such a low price is amazing to me. I plan to garden, have horses, goats, chicken and rabbits. I am only not quite a senior yet. I hope to find a wonderful new life there and would be happy to do my part in keeping the land beautiful!

She's Right
by: Anonymous

Stephanie is right. The town is a dump, nobody cares, many people are self serving or keep to themselves. I've lived there many, many years and now I am leaving. Leaving it to those who don't have the resources to improve it and those who are only interested in improving it on the backs of those who cannot afford it. Silver Springs is a beautiful place, but a sad little town. My condolences to those who remain.

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