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Additional Set of Deed Restrictions

Visitor Question: I am in contract to purchase a property here in Hays County Texas. The property in located in a subdivision with recorded Deed restrictions

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Typical Percentage of Land Uses

Visitor Question: What proportion of the land in cities and towns typically is taken up by each type of land use? Editors Reply: The answer to this is

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Not Informed About Covenants and Restrictions

Visitor Question: What happens when the sellers check the box on the sellers disclosure that says there are no covenants and restrictions and then you

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Replacement of Non-Conforming Structure

Visitor Question: Is it possible (i.e. legal) to tear down a non-conforming structure (over 95%, Ordinance says over 75% replacement must fully comply

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Could Residents and Landlords Collaborate to Plant Shrubs

Visitor Question: My city has no requirement for shrubs on residential properties, and rental properties often have none. At least one block in my neighborhood

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Rule Breaking Neighbors Going to Sell

Visitor Question: How do I get the neighbors to fix /comply with our rules before they sell? I do not want to start any bad relationship with the next

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Builder Does Not Meet Subdivision Restrictions

Visitor Question: We have a builder that continues to build houses that do not meet our subdivision's restrictions... for example: gravel driveway, non-brick

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Residential to Commercial Rezoning

Visitor Question: I live on a major road on the outside of a subdivision. There are businesses across the street from me. My question is how do I have

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What Is Tactical Urbanism

Visitor Question: I understand tactical, and as a newer resident of a large city, I hope I am beginning to understand urbanism. Recently I started hearing

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Role of Natural Resources in Economic Development

Visitor Question: Would you please discuss the role of natural resources in socio-economic development and how have they been utilized in their abundance

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Does Foreclosure Erase Deed Restrictions

Visitor Question: If a piece of undeveloped rural property had deed restrictions placed on it and was then foreclosed on and later re-sold, are the deed

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Does church-related school require a conditional use permit

Visitor Question: Our church is currently zoned institutional and has been operating for over 50 years. We would like to add a small private school but

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Is There a List of Current CDCs

Visitor Question: Is there a list of current CDCs? A central registry? How do I find out whether the need I want to address is already being addressed?

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Improper Notification of Zoning Variance

Visitor Question: My question is about a zoning variance. In this town you must notify all neighboring properties within 150 feet. One neighboring property

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Project Management Cycle in Community Development

Visitor Question: How should local communities manage projects using a results based approach? Editors Reply: For the benefit of other visitors, we

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