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Deed Restriction on Property Deceased Relative Once Owned

Visitor Question: Someone contacted me about an old deed restriction on a property no longer owned by my grandfather, who passed away many years ago. The

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Community Development Corporation Approval by United Nations

Visitor Question: I have had a CDC since 2014. Are Community Development Corporations registered and/or approved by the United Nations? If yes, how can

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Best Zoning for a Ministry

Visitor Question: Our ministry has been gifted a piece of property that currently has 3 different zonings. A small piece is 02, a section is HE and the

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Violent Extremism and Terrorism as Hindrance to Community Development

Visitor Question: What are the impacts of violent extremism and terrorism from a community development perspective? Editors' Reflection: Thank you for

Continue reading "Violent Extremism and Terrorism as Hindrance to Community Development "

Rehab Center in Residential Neighborhood

Visitor Question: An application has been submitted to our land use board asking that a private residential property be rezoned to allow for a high end

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Career Paths for Addressing Urban Sprawl

Visitor Question: I was wondering if you might be able to advise. After spending a number of years in retail, I'm looking into changing careers to something

Continue reading "Career Paths for Addressing Urban Sprawl"

Promise to Planning Board Not Kept

Visitor Question: What recourse do I have if a developer agreed in a planning board public meeting to make a deed restriction on clearing of buffer in

Continue reading "Promise to Planning Board Not Kept"

Ballot initiative downzoning a land parcel

Visitor Question: A ballot initiative by the citizens of Aurora, CO down zoned a 10 acre parcel of land some years ago, and now a developer wants to rezone

Continue reading "Ballot initiative downzoning a land parcel "

Deed Restrictions Next Door Being Violated

Visitor Question: My neighbor and I have the same deed restrictions. (1) Restrictions say no business is allowed. However, he operates and they advertise

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Two Countries, Two Cities, Two Neighborhoods and One People!

Visitor Contribution: The names Calexico and Mexicali are both city names taken from the names California and Mexico. This two cities are separated by

Continue reading "Two Countries, Two Cities, Two Neighborhoods and One People!"

What is Resiliency Planning

Visitor Question: What does resiliency planning mean? I am a plan commission member, and I was sitting in my second meeting when a lively discussion of

Continue reading "What is Resiliency Planning"

1960s Rental Unit Found Unpermitted

Visitor Question: Hello there, I currently live in a downstairs unit of a duplex in an unincorporated area of our county. Long story short, the county

Continue reading "1960s Rental Unit Found Unpermitted"

YIMBY Mini-Movement Says Yes to Greater Livability

YIMBY is an acronym for Yes In My Backyard. The concept arises in reaction to the NIMBY phenomenon opposing denser housing, mixed-income housing, and other social goods.

Continue reading "YIMBY Mini-Movement Says Yes to Greater Livability"

Additional Set of Deed Restrictions

Visitor Question: I am in contract to purchase a property here in Hays County Texas. The property in located in a subdivision with recorded Deed restrictions

Continue reading "Additional Set of Deed Restrictions"

Typical Percentage of Land Uses

Visitor Question: What proportion of the land in cities and towns typically is taken up by each type of land use? Editors Reply: The answer to this is

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