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Community Development Evaluation Considerations

Community development evaluation may or may not be required of your organization. This page is an overview of types of evaluation and whether it should be done at all.

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How to Change Covenants

Visitor Question: We live in an enclave of 8 homes with a loosely created covenant system from 1995 when the homes were built. Many of the covenants are

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Who Is a Community Developer

Site Visitor Asks These Questions: 1. what is community 2. development means what in community 3. what is community planning 4. U.N definition for community

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Rezoning When Deed Restrictions Prohibit Activity

Visitor Question: Can township zoning appeals rezone a 1/2 acre lot in the middle of residential develop to agricultural? I am in Ohio without an HOA.

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Deed Restriction Based on Race

Visitor Question: If you have a deed restriction based on race would it be A. Voidable but the conveyance is still valid Or B. Void but the deed is

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House Exempted from HOA

Visitor Asks: Hello, I just bought a house in a subdivision with an HOA (homeowners association). The owner told me the house is not a part of the HOA

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Deed Restriction Enforcement Without HOA Management

Visitor's Question: I have a buyer who is interested in purchasing a home in a neighborhood with 2006 deed restrictions and an HOA (without management).

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Vines on home: code violation or landscaping enhancement?

Visitor Question: A single-family home in my neighborhood has vines covering much of the exterior. The growth appears uncultivated and uncontrolled. In

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Significance of Strong Institutions in Governance

Visitor Question: What is the significance of institutions and institutional checks in local governance processes? Editors Reply: Institutions lend the

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What is BRT?

Visitor Question: I'm a new planning commission member. At my very first meeting last week, the commission was talking about BRT, and I was too embarrassed

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Locked Out of Home in Probate

Visitor Question: My house is in probate, and the electric and water were turned off. I live in an old historic home. They won't allow me to live there

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Commercial District Revitalization an Ongoing Process

Commercial district revitalization in areas with multiple property and business owners is an exciting, never-ending challenge. Coordination and diversification are essential.

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Can Rezoning Overturn Deed Restrictions

Visitor Question: The Planning and Zoning Committee denied a request to change the designation of a lot to allow two homes instead of one on a lot. As

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How HOA Can Enforce Covenants

Visitor Question: I'm under contract to purchase a property in a gated community that has an HOA (homeowners association) and have actually read all 42

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Zoning Administrator Splits Lot Contrary to Covenants

Visitor Question: Can a municipality's employee (the zoning administrator) subdivide a lot within a PUD (Planned Unit Development)? Our covenants state

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