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Here are the most recent important changes to our website, including new articles, visitor questions, and editors' answers. You'll also find links to significantly revised pages and time-sensitive or short items we want to bring to your attention. Sometimes we also add short items of interest, especially time-sensitive notes about conferences, webinars, or seasons.

Building Code Enactment Promotes Safety

Enacting a building code to cover new construction relates to public safety. Every community should heed the necessity of preventing shoddy construction.

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Community Development Evaluation Considerations

Community development evaluation may be required of your organization if you receive grants, or you may want to see how you are doing. Plan the process well.

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Notice to property owner when building posted unsafe

Visitor Question: Can the city say a building is unsafe without going inside, and can it put a sign on your building without notifying you the homeowner?

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Gas station in residential area

Visitor Question: I've seen that in residential areas where a gas station is near neighborhood homes, the gas station causes problems of daily living.

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Preserving Open Space Adds Value to Your Community

Community open space confers environmental and social benefits, preserves beauty, and delights folks in urban areas. Produce a vigorousl open space plan.

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Key Elements Defining Neighborhood Character

The thirteen most important factors in neighborhood character are described briefly. Work continuously to improve each, and your community will be unstoppable.

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Cities funding CDCs

Visitor Question: Are there any restrictions on Cities or local units of government funding CDCs? Editors Reply: There are no general restrictions on

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An Off Leash Dog Park Can Be Compatible with Most Neighborhoods

An off leash dog park provides a place for canine play that allows owners to socialize and learn about proper pet care, while giving the dog needed exercise.

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Can the Town Board deny a petition without a public hearing

Visitor Question: Our town board had three landowners ask to have their land changed from 3 acre residential to commercial zoning. Can the town deny these

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Water Conservation From the Community Standpoint

Water conservation at the community level can save on energy needed for purification and delivery. Use drama and humor to inspire enthusiasm for this issue.

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Neighborhood Revitalization Can Be the Talk of the Town

Choose one of four potential neighborhood revitalization strategies to prioritize problem solving and redevelopment, housing, and infrastructure projects.

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Community Development Volunteerism Questions for Self-Awareness

Volunteerism meets many community service and service learning needs, while also fitting goals of teens, senior citizens, scholarship seekers, and job seekers.

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How Regional Governance Affects Communities in Metropolitan Areas

Learn how regional governance, the quality of the decision making in a metro area, influences what happens in your neighborhood.

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Relationship Between Transit and Sprawl Is Complex

This page provides 6 discussion questions about relationships between transit and sprawl, to encourage dialogue about how the two interact in your city.

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Community Cultural Development: Arts-Based Revitalization

Community cultural development can help revitalize a struggling neighborhood, retain your local artists from diverse backgrounds, and build local pride.

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