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High taxes but no traffic or code enforcement

Visitor Question: Why does the intersection of Fleetwood Avenue and Gramatan Avenue not have a traffic sign? Cars speed up that road and NEVER stop at

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Cars Parked on Narrow Residential Streets

Visitor Question: Our neighborhood of one and two family homes on small lots (5000 square feet on average) was developed 100 years ago when more people

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Developer's Plan not filed

Visitor Question: I purchased a new home in a new seven-phase development, and in hindsight, I never received a Developer's Plan. And, to my dismay, no

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Witchcraft store

Visitor Question: We have a rented retail storefront on the main street of our town. It sells all sorts of items used by witches and wiccans. What if

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Town codes not enforced

Visitor Question: The town I live in is not enforcing the written codes such as parking lot requirements and snow removal. Does the written code have to

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Zoning and Social Justice

We explore the associations between zoning and social justice, asking how land use rules harm racial equity and if they always do.

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Transit Oriented Development Can Promote Housing Affordability

Transit oriented development, usually a mixed-use project adjoining and including a transit stop, reduces transportation costs and potentially housing cost while offering many economic and social benefits.

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Hazardous tree

Visitor Question: My neighbor has a hazardous water oak tree that is over 100 years old that is 15 feet from my small house. I paid for two separate certified

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Simple and Free Climate Change Guide for City Citizens

Looking for a fresh way to expedite conversation about climate change in your city? Download a free guide at Cyclomedia, a European resource. You'll have to subscribe to their emails, but of course you can unsubscribe. It's worth that little hassle.

Useful Community Development Newsletter Archive

The Useful Community Development Plus newsletter archive contains back issues featuring original articles and resources for neighborhood and city leaders.

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Rural code enforcement inconsistent

Visitor Question: I live in rural Iowa and city codes are just coming into service. While I sometimes wonder who thought some up, basically I agree with

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Can a developer's unfinished work be used against new rezoning proposal

Visitor Question: I am a resident of a multi-phase development begun in 2017. This sits on a subdivision of large private land. Huge areas of mature trees

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21 Community Development Ideas to Implement Now

These starter community development ideas serve as examples of activities your neighborhood can begin now.

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Unlicensed Short Term Rentals

Visitor Question: I operate an Airbnb in Colorado. My town recently enacted an ordinance for STR to require a license and a 10% ratio of short term rentals

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YIMBY Movement Says Yes to Reasonable Housing Costs

YIMBY is an acronym for Yes In My Backyard. The concept reacts to the NIMBY phenomenon that opposes dense or mixed-income housing.

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