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Here are the most recent important changes to our website, including new articles, visitor questions, and editors' answers. You'll also find links to significantly revised pages and time-sensitive or short items we want to bring to your attention. Sometimes we also add short items of interest, especially time-sensitive notes about conferences, webinars, or seasons.

How to add deed restrictions

Visitor Question: How can we add restrictions? Editors Reply: Generally speaking, the process should be deciding exactly what you think you want to add,

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Building whatever I want

Visitor Question: If I own a property with no deed restrictions, could I build whatever I want on the property? Or if it was a yurt in Florida would that

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Fewer homeowners and tenants are keeping up homes

Visitor Question: I live in Spokane, WA. I am new here and find this city has a lot of people who are neglecting their landscapes and houses in once very

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Permitted Uses on Nonprofit Property

Visitor Question: Our nonprofit owns and is located on property that was formerly charter school property. Initially, the land was zoned with a special

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Grandfathered housing development zoning

Visitor Question: Does the owner have any legal problems if his density is more than the R-3 zoning? The owner wants to rezone his property to R-4 to match

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Membership superstore to benefit the community

Visitor Question: I am from Pakistan, and I want to solve my community's problems. I want to open a superstore and have community people buy everything

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Who is responsible for knowing deed restriction rules

Visitor Question: I live in a deed restricted neighborhood, and when I first moved into the neighborhood I had Culligan's water softener company come out

Continue reading "Who is responsible for knowing deed restriction rules"

Nuisance rental property

Visitor Question: I have contacted both the landlord and City Council about a tenant that lives near me. The tenant engages in drug activities, violence

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Multiple Gas Leaf Blowers

Visitor Question: What should you do when your quiet urban/suburban community allows landscaping services to operate two or more gas power blowers along

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Business in a subdivision

Visitor Question I live in a Texas rural area, three miles from Pleasanton. I have called every county department for answers, and no one knows the answer.

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Winter Newsletter Ideas for Neighborhoods and Homeowner Associations

If you need winter newsletter ideas or prompts for your social media during colder months, this page provides some useful cues.

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Buffer requirements

Visitor Question: My question is how to interpret the term abuts in a zoning ordinance. Our ordinance says this. Where a commercial business or industrial

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Agricultural Zoning as a Useful Tool in Fighting Sprawl

Agricultural zoning is useful to towns trying to preserve farming and fight sprawl. Beneficial to both farmer and town, learn how to apply this zoning.

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Subdivision sells small park to create revenue to improve large park

Visitor Question: My subdivision owns a small park (1 acre) and a large park (6 acres). We have limited revenue. My question is what requirements would

Continue reading "Subdivision sells small park to create revenue to improve large park"

Rezoning happens during construction

Visitor Question: What are the options of a developer of an apartment building under construction and the zoning changes to single family houses? Editors

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