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Property Upkeep Code to Protect Neighborhood Quality

Visitor Question: We live in a neighborhood of single family homes. Because we are in the county and not the city, the International Property Maintenance

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Special exception for commercial tree company

Visitor Question: A commercial tree company has filed for a special exception next door to me in our rural residential town. It would be completely out

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Rural community opposes wedding venue

Visitor Question: I live in a rural community where there is a house that has sold to an individual that intends to transform this home into a wedding

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Feel harassed by code enforcement officer

Visitor Question: I was given a code violation for graffiti on my fence. Every year I have had to correct this. This year in around April I had to paint

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Planning Commissioners' Decisions and Conditional Use Permits

Visitor Question: Can Planning Commissioners legally reference the General Plan as a basis for their decisions on a conditional use permit? Editors Reply:

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Are parks in a separate zoning district?

Visitor Question: We are redoing our comprehensive plan in our town, and I am helping with some of the outreach to our residents. I wanted to know if parks

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What is abolitionist housing policy

Visitor Question: Last night I attended my second meeting as a member of the city's community development advisory board. One woman is quite knowledgeable,

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Do housing codes violate civil rights

Visitor Question: It seems like many housing codes are very restrictive about what my neighbors and me can and cannot do on our own property. The housing

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Criminals in your neighborhood

Visitor Question:> How can you deal with criminals in your neighborhood? My neighborhood is being terrorized by a relatively few bad buys (and one bad

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Signs of neighborhood decline

Visitor Question: What are the signs of neighborhood decline? I have been in a nice enough neighborhood for about 25 years. My next door neighbor has been

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How Far from Property Line Should Trees Be

Visitor Question: How far from someone's property line does someone have to be in order to plant large growing trees? Editors Reply: In most places, the

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Stop construction on vacant land next door.

Visitor Question: The property next door to me was recently purchased by a developer who intends to build a house. The land is 2 sq ft short of being

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How to stop construction of a three story building

Visitor Question: How does a town stop the construction of a three-story building? Currently, the first request by the applicant to the town was denied,

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How often do cities update their zoning maps

Visitor Question: Is there some sort of schedule when cities are required to update their zoning maps? It seems like the zoning gets applied here, and

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How to convert commercial property to residential

Visitor Question: A friend of mine owns a building that is currently considered commercial property and wants to change it to residential. The land itself

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