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New Residence on Narrow Lot

Visitor Question: What size lot is necessary for new residential structures in the Treme, District 2? I am interested in whether one can build between

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A New Vision for Rural Economic Development in Your Community

Rural economic development entails creating new markets for the agricultural base and diversifying the economy to provide new opportunities.

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Three Critical Community Development Principles Illustrated

Explore three key community development principles: creating distinctive places, critical mass in development and programming, and diversified community appeal.

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City moratorium on development

Visitor Question:Is it legal for a city to have a moratorium on development? Our medium-sized city has discussed this a little bit in an open meeting of

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How does zoning pertain to condos?

Visitor Question: I am wondering whether the zoning law covers our condos. If so, how does that work? It seems like my large community is sort of self-governing,

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How can a city create a CDC?

Visitor Question: I'm interested in having our city create a community development corporation for a part of our community that doesn't get a lot of love.

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Can code enforcement move my car from the back yard

Visitor Question: Can a code enforcement officer move my car from my back yard of my property? Editors Reply: The answer depends completely on what your

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Two Times an Urban Community Land Trust Makes Sense

The urban community land trust is a perfect tool for boosting home ownership in lower-income areas or for countering rapidly rising housing costs.

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Is a church parking lot a common area

Visitor Question: Our condo association wanted to have an event on a large church parking lot that is really central to our residents. The church refused.

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Why do community development projects fail

Visitor Question: I was just wondering why community development projects funded by our taxpayer dollars sometimes seem to fail miserably. What are the

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Maximizing the Arts and Economic Development Strategy

Turbo charge the arts and economic development nexus when you actively cultivate cultural connections to tourism, innovation, and place-making.

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Community Cultural Development Bridges Arts and Civic Identity

Solid community cultural development practice both promotes traditional arts while using their shared meanings and experiences to strengthen social capital.

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Restrictions unknown for six years

Visitor Question: Hi We purchased our home six years ago. We were told by our real estate agent (friend) and the sellers (new friends) that there were

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Developers plan approval

Visitor Question: Can a developer enforce restrictions that aren't deed recorded when approving a home plan for building? Editors Reply: We are sorry

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Property Upkeep Code to Protect Neighborhood Quality

Visitor Question: We live in a neighborhood of single family homes. Because we are in the county and not the city, the International Property Maintenance

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