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How to stop construction of a three story building

Visitor Question: How does a town stop the construction of a three-story building? Currently, the first request by the applicant to the town was denied,

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Unit above me caused water leak in my bathroom

Visitor Question:The unit above me has caused a fifth water leak in my master bathroom. I reported it to code enforcement. They gave her three days to

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Which zoning district typically has greater setbacks

Visitor Question: Out of employment zones, commercial zones, and residential zones which one is most likely to have higher values for setbacks AND why?

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Criminals in your neighborhood

Visitor Question:> How can you deal with criminals in your neighborhood? My neighborhood is being terrorized by a relatively few bad buys (and one bad

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Neighbor harassment

Visitor Question: Our daughter lives in a house we own. She received a violation complaint about items on her porch. These items were buckets and so forth

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Code Enforcement and Standing Water

Website Visitor's Original Question: A family purchased a small inflatable swimming pool during the summer, and placed the pool in the backyard. Children

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How Far from Property Line Should Trees Be

Visitor Question: How far from someone’s property line does someone have to be in order to plant large growing trees? Editors Reply: In most places, the

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Feel harassed by code enforcement officer

Visitor Question: I was given a code violation for graffiti on my fence. Every year I have had to correct this. This year in around April I had to paint

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Can a church meet in a building that is zoned industrial?

Visitor Question: I am a member of a local church congregation (less than 100 people) that has been meeting in a school gymnasium. Due to Covid-19,

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Signs of neighborhood decline

Visitor Question: What are the signs of neighborhood decline? I have been in a nice enough neighborhood for about 25 years. My next door neighbor has been

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Racial Equity and Community Development Must Progress Jointly

Many people think racial equity and community development are already well linked; this page points out 7 areas where the relationship should be stronger.

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Planning Commissioners, Decisions and Conditional Use Permits

Visitor Question: Can Planning Commissioners legally reference the General Plan as a basis for their decisions on a conditional use permit? Editors Reply:

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Special exception for commercial tree company

Visitor Question: A commercial tree company has filed for a special exception next door to me in our rural residential town. It would be completely out

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How Community Engagement Builds a Better Plan

Community engagement and public participation for city planning processes may include meetings, open houses, charrettes, surveys, focus groups, and more.

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Code Enforcement in Rural Areas

Visitor Question: Is there any code enforcement in rural areas? I'm tired of living around junked cars, rusting machinery, old couches on the front porch,

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