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CDC acting in bad faith

Visitor Question: Who can we turn to when our community development corporation, a 501c nonprofit, acts in bad faith, counter to the interests of our under-resourced

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New Residence on Narrow Lot

Visitor Question: What size lot is necessary for new residential structures in the Treme, District 2? I am interested in whether one can build between

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Bringing Environmental Justice to the Forefront in Your Community

Learn how neighborhoods, planning commissions, and communities can further environmental justice among economic, racial, and ethnic groups.

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Existing barn and application of deed restriction

Visitor Question: We’re in Texas. We owned a home and a property across the street from the home for 19 years, and built a 2400 square foot barn across

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Learn How City Planning Can Bring Results

Good city planning may not be what you think! Realistic plans for land use, transportation, and public services and amenities help any community.

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Building just a garage on a lot in a subdivision with an HOA

Visitor Question: Our HOA has CC&Rs stating one single family use. A lot owner built his house and just bought the lot next door but wants to build a garage.

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Innovative Ideas to Unite a Community

Visitor Question: Our community has become really divided. We had a political scandal involving very bad behavior by our mayor. He was forced to resign,

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Special assessments for capital expenditures

Visitor Question: Our master deed states that a majority of owners must be present to vote on special assessments. Proxy voting is not in our master deed

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How Vacant Building Registration Can Help Put Properties Back into Use

Vacant building registration ordinances lead to better data, revenue to address related issues, and importantly, a big incentive to reuse buildings promptly.

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Can a City Deviate from Its Future Land Use Map

Visitor Question: I'm wondering about when it is acceptable (or even legal) for a city to deviate from its adopted future land use map, which appears in

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A New Vision for Rural Economic Development in Your Community

Rural economic development entails creating new markets for the agricultural base and diversifying the economy to provide new opportunities.

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Three Critical Community Development Principles Illustrated

Explore three key community development principles: creating distinctive places, critical mass in development and programming, and diversified community appeal.

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City moratorium on development

Visitor Question:Is it legal for a city to have a moratorium on development? Our medium-sized city has discussed this a little bit in an open meeting of

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How does zoning pertain to condos?

Visitor Question: I am wondering whether the zoning law covers our condos. If so, how does that work? It seems like my large community is sort of self-governing,

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How can a city create a CDC?

Visitor Question: I'm interested in having our city create a community development corporation for a part of our community that doesn't get a lot of love.

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