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Transit Oriented Development Creates Opportunity and Affordability

Transit oriented development, usually a mixed-use project adjoining and including a transit stop, reduces transportation costs and potentially housing cost while offering many economic and social benefits.

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Sitemap for

This sitemap consists of links to pages arranged by category. Visitor-generated content is not included.

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Home church with sail sign

Visitor Question: I have a neighbor that is holding church services in their home on Sundays, but now they have a large sign that looks like a sail advertising

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For sale sign in motor coach

Visitor Asks: We live in a deed restricted community in Citrus County. We are allowed to store our motorhome on the lot. I have a for sale sign in the

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Neighborhood Demographics Trends Foretell the Future

Understanding neighborhood demographics trends over time helps communities see where they’re headed, and plot a change of direction when needed to remain competitive with other areas.

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Effects of Urban Sprawl in Cities and Towns Explained

Remedying the effects of urban sprawl could bring new urban core investment, more walkable communities, quality open space, and lower utility and public sector costs.

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Grandfathered deed restrictions

Visitor Question: There is a 450 square foot home in a neighborhood where the homeowners association (HOA) just updated deeded restrictions on house size

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Arts and Economic Development--A Great Strategy

The arts and economic development are complementary activities for your community, not only because of ticket or product sales, but also because of links to tourism, innovation, and place-making.

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Retail Attraction Especially Fruitful if Mom and Pop Stores Dominate

The best retail attraction strategies fill your business districts with just the right mix of stores to fit your community. Personal outreach and solid research are needed.

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Down zone of property without notice

Visitor Question: Must a landowner be personally notified that his property is being Down-zoned? I bought two parcels of property totaling about 120 acres

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How to rezone residential property for more units

Visitor Question: I have property which includes three rentals. The buildings are very old. I would like to tear them down and build 4-5 small efficiency

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Down Zoning When Too Much Density Is Permitted

Down zoning can be a tool for good or ill. We explain affordable housing and economic development considerations.

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Reporting no hunting deed restriction violation

Visitor Question: When the Deed Restriction states that there shall be no hunting on the properties connected to the covenant what agency do you report

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Paid to rezone then city did blanket rezoning

Visitor Question: I paid to have my property zoned for a secondary suite. Then the city arbitrarily did a blanket rezone and established the same zoning

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Empowering illiterate women

Visitor Asks: Why is everything about the youth? What about those women that are encouraged to study further, if after that we are not going to give them

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