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Changing the Name of a Town

Visitor Question: What are the steps in the process of changing the name of a town? Our town and its attending unincorporated areas sharing the same zip

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Apartment Dumpster Area Problem

Visitor Question: Should apartment dumpster areas be enclosed for safety and health reasons? If you rent and requested an enclosure be done and still

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What qualifies a church as a Faith Based Community Development Center?

What qualifies a church as a Faith Based Community Development Center? Outside of the entities listed below, is there anything else? 1. 501c3 2. Community

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Adaptive Reuse Sometimes Yields Spectacular Results

Adaptive reuse, or converting old buildings to a new use, is an attractive means of adding distinctive and marketable housing or business to a community.

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Heir Property Damages Neighborhoods as Well as Families

Heir property is common in some American neighborhoods. When a person dies without a will, heirs probably lack clear title. Houses in limbo harm neighborhoods.

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How is community development a process

Visitor Question: Someone recently commented to me that community development is a process and that I need to be patient. I find that frustrating because

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What is a successor developer

Visitor Question: What exactly is a successor developer? We heard that the developer of our subdivision is looking for one. Our subdivision layout already

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No Successor Developer so there is no architectural control

Visitor Question: I live in a neighborhood in Texas that was developed 30 years ago. The original deed restrictions state that changes to the property

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Illegal Spot Zoning and Illegal Use of Land

Visitor Question: In 2017, the son of a township board member lived on property that was zoned A-1 Agricultural, which is one of the four Residential types

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Excavations next door

Visitor Question: We purchased our property and moved in one year ago. Although there is no active HOA, there are CCRs that do run with the land. The

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CDC acting in bad faith

Visitor Question: Who can we turn to when our community development corporation, a 501c nonprofit, acts in bad faith, counter to the interests of our under-resourced

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New Residence on Narrow Lot

Visitor Question: What size lot is necessary for new residential structures in the Treme, District 2? I am interested in whether one can build between

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Bringing Environmental Justice to the Forefront in Your Community

Learn how neighborhoods, planning commissions, and communities can further environmental justice among economic, racial, and ethnic groups.

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Existing barn and application of deed restriction

Visitor Question: We’re in Texas. We owned a home and a property across the street from the home for 19 years, and built a 2400 square foot barn across

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Learn How City Planning Can Bring Results

Good city planning may not be what you think! Realistic plans for land use, transportation, and public services and amenities help any community.

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