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Can neighbors create an HOA to fight existing deed restrictions?

Visitor Question: I live on a street that was once land owned by a family that lives nearby. When they created the lots, they attached sweeping deed restrictions

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Neighborhood commercial to commercial zoning

Visitor Question: Without any notice, the township rezoned us from neighborhood commercial to straight commercial. We found out because of our tax increase.

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Code enforcement entered home

Visitor Question: I live in Flint Michigan. Code enforcement entered my home, threw back the door, then took pictures of my home to use as evidence. My

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Grandfather Clause Permitting Outdoor Storage of Fertilizers

Visitor Question: The business next to mine is claiming they can store Milorganite, fertilizers and the like outside under tarps because of a grandfather

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Adverse Possession or Easement Road

Visitor Question: A paved road extends from two city public streets across a privately owned lot which has been used by the public, police, fire and utility

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Best way to identify community needs quickly

Visitor Question: I am volunteering to help a local church reach out to its surrounding community and open its doors and 40,000 square feet of unused space

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Can a town enforce deed restrictions

Visitor Question: Our town in New Hampshire has a Land Use Ordinance regarding RVs that reads: One recreational vehicle (RV) of any size may be parked

Continue reading "Can a town enforce deed restrictions"

Buying out of covered boat dock restriction

Visitor Question: I have purchased lake property. The owner placed a deed restriction on the parcel I bought. He sold the two parcels on either side

Continue reading "Buying out of covered boat dock restriction"

Density credit assignment

Visitor Question: I have been living in my home for 4 years. This lady shows up wanting me to sign some legal paperwork release of covenant and density

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Is business community development consultant a good option

Visitor Question: Hi there. I have completed my degree in community development studies some 4 years back. However I have not managed as yet to find suitable

Continue reading "Is business community development consultant a good option"

Can we be forced to stop renting through Airbnb

Visitor Question: We just received a warning to stop doing short term rentals. To cut a long story short, my husband was involved in a bad accident a few

Continue reading "Can we be forced to stop renting through Airbnb "

Minimum hours of operation in commercial zone

Visitor Question: I live in a town that has a lot of vacant buildings in the historic downtown core. It is zoned commercial but because rents are so low,

Continue reading "Minimum hours of operation in commercial zone"

Homeowners rights with code enforcement

Visitor Question: I live in North Miami and I have this code officer harassing me because of a code violation report to them by a mysterious resident.

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How to stop a variance

Visitor Question: My town has been underhanded about a piece of property that the Catholic Church owns and now wants to profit off this land by building

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Pool Violation Allowed to Continue

Visitor Question: My neighbor had his pool cage destroyed by Hurricane Irma and has not rebuilt it. He has received a violation and a notice to appear.

Continue reading "Pool Violation Allowed to Continue"

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