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Unlicensed Short Term Rentals

Visitor Question: I operate an Airbnb in Colorado. My town recently enacted an ordinance for STR to require a license and a 10% ratio of short term rentals

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YIMBY Movement Says Yes to Reasonable Housing Costs

YIMBY is an acronym for Yes In My Backyard. The concept reacts to the NIMBY phenomenon that opposes dense or mixed-income housing.

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Converting a storefront into a church

Visitor Question: I have a building with four addresses, 2133-2135-2137-2139 W. Manchester Ave. I want to convert 2139 into a small church. What are the

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Well-Chosen Art in Public Places Creates a Community Focal Point

Choosing your art in public places wisely can make you a hero or shero, but doing too little or too much can make you a villain. Learn about managing the selection process.

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Neighbor repairing multiple vehicles in back yard

Visitor Question: My neighbor's new husband began towing multiple vehicles to her home. We stopped him from placing one car on the street in front of our

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Rezoning historic home to commercial

Visitor Question: I live in a town of about 17,000 in a semi-rural setting. Our county is almost finished with a community plan update which focuses on

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Annexation and re-zoning

Visitor Question: I have a 15 acre property which is being annexed and potentially re-zoned from Pasco County, Florida to Dade City, Florida, but the

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Renting a commercial building for a church

Visitor Question: We opened a home based new church/mission in Colton, CA City. Now the number of members has grown to about 24 people, thank God, and

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How to remove a 30 year old deed restriction

Visitor Question: The deed restriction prohibiting commercial development on property I bought in 1993 seems to no longer apply and appears to be an unfair

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Economic Development Sucess Stories for the 21st Century

Economic development success stories need to be shared, so that struggling communities can learn what actually works. Counteract hype by sharing your stories.

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Ideal vision of rural development

Visitor Question: What is the ideal vision of rural development? We are having an uproar here about what it means to stay rural, whether we even want to

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Excavations next door

Visitor Question: We purchased our property and moved in one year ago. Although there is no active HOA, there are CCRs that do run with the land. The

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Federal funding equity for communities of color

Visitor Question: What types of grassroots community advocacy are effective to assure that federal funds to cities and states are equitably distributed

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What does polycentric region mean?

Visitor Question: I have become interested in what our regional planning council is doing because I am concerned about the need for expanding highway access

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What is a capital improvements plan?

Visitor Question: What exactly is a capital improvements plan? I was just elected to a city council and am now trying to catch up on understanding what

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