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How Community Engagement Builds a Better Plan

Community engagement and public participation for city planning processes may include meetings, open houses, charrettes, surveys, focus groups, and more.

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Code Enforcement in Rural Areas

Visitor Question: Is there any code enforcement in rural areas? I'm tired of living around junked cars, rusting machinery, old couches on the front porch,

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Community Anti Drug Coalitions Bring Many Stakeholders to the Table

Community anti drug coalitions encompass representatives from prevention organizations, education, law enforcement, business, and others. Learn how one works.

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Difference between open space and preserve

Visitor Question: What is the difference between open space and a nature preserve? We have what the neighbors call a preserve behind our house. It is just

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Is a gate a fence

Visitor Question: We purchased a one acre home lot. In our deed it states no fence across the 20' pipeline easement on the back of my property. If a 20'

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Planning Commissions and Deed Restrictions

Visitor Question: Should Planning Commissions ignore deed restrictions, since they are agreements between private properties and the Town Government is

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Alley Clean Up or Re-Use Stories and Illustrations

Alley clean up improves safety for curious kids and for cars that might be driving through. It also reduces problem animals, vegetation, break-ins and graffiti.

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Building setbacks

building setbacks

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Percentage of home owners needed to extend restrictions

Visitor Question: I live in a deed restricted neighborhood. In Florida what is the lowest percentage of owners needed to extend the restrictions? Ours

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Can we be forced to stop renting through Airbnb

Visitor Question: We just received a warning to stop doing short term rentals. To cut a long story short, my husband was involved in a bad accident a few

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A Night Mayor Helps a City Promote Great Nightlife and Address Issues

A night mayor is a city or downtown association employee who improves both the employment and recreational aspects of a city after dark. We explain advantages.

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An Innovation District Develops Leading-Edge Businesses

An innovation district consciously creates cross-pollination among start-ups, existing businesses, and higher ed, while featuring attractive employee amenities.

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Zoning of house not disclosed

Visitor Question: I found out after I closed on my house that it is in a zone for redevelopment. It was never disclosed. Do I have any recourse? I never

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How to get more fixed income housing built

Visitor Question: My mom, Edith Metzger Booser, organized a team in Middletown PA which succeeded in changing a junk yard into a lovely high-rise apartment

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Restrictions Not Listed in Deeds for Last 30 Years

Visitor Question: Our planned community had a land owner who filed for plats and recorded covenants and restrictions that govern the property. This happened

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