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The Useful Community Development sitemap, like our navigaton menu, is divided into three major headings, which are shown in capital letters below.  

1. The major topics with links directly from the home page are shown in larger type.

2. Arranged under the bold headings are the content pages, shown as links.

3. Items under Aspects of Community Development on the navigation bar are shown first, arranged alphabetically according to topic grouping, with each page shown underneath.

4. After those major content divisions, we show links to the two visitor-generated content headings and sub-headings.

5.  Lastly we show the items under Site Information in the navigation bar.

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Please note that visitor contributions are not included in this index, but will be concentrated on the pages under Community Development Questions and Community Development Ideas, below.



Code Enforcement

Community or Neighborhood Organizations

Deed restrictions and covenants

Definition of Community Development (Comm Dev Overview on the navigation bar)

Crime Prevention

Economic Development


City or Community Planning


Sprawl (and Regional Governance and Economics), and How They Affect Your Neighborhood (Sprawl on the navigation bar)


Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Community Development Ebooks (gateway to learning about and purchasing ebooks by authors on this site)


Community Development Ideas (Visitor Ideas, "Bests," Stories on the navigation bar) is open for visitor submissions under the bullet categories shown in blue and bold face below.   We are gradually adding the names of the visitor-originated pages in parentheses after each category.

  • stream clean up (previously published material has been deleted--send us some new stuff!)

Visitor Community Development Question (ask one and probably receive an online answer or several from editors and/or visitors)
Note:  Recently we have started separating out the questions and answers into categories.  Many questions and answers that fall outside of the categories below have remained in the general questions page linked just above (includes Where to Find Easement Information,  Code Enforcement Letters Not Received,  What Are Consistency Requirements in PlanningMinor Grandchild Inherits Abandoned HouseCommunity Development Corporation Approval by the United Nations, Violent Extremism and Terrorism as Hindrance to Community Development, Career Paths for Addressing Urban Sprawl, Promise to Planning Board Not Kept, Is There a List of Current CDCsProject Management Cycle in Community Development, Start a Community-Based Non-Profit Organization,  Who Is a Community Developer,  Monitoring Community DevelopmentVines on Home: Code Violation or Landscaping EnhancementSignificance of Strong Institutions in GovernanceLocked Out of Home in ProbateHow far can the city go in forcing citizens to obey codes?, What is a CDFI , Developer Extending Our Neighborhood , Community Clean Up Projects Helping Individuals , Taking Possession of Abandoned House , Can Bed and Breakfast Become Group Home? , City Sign Regulations Too Tough on New Business , Code Enforcement Right to Enter Property , Retention Pond Ownership and Maintenance , Neighbor Tree Trimming Issue , Serial Pest in the Neighborhood , Combining subdivided lots , Restoring an historic "town square" , Old building needs love , Felt needs community development theory , How to regulate food trucks , Beautification Projects cost money and North Carolina provides Special Funding or Grants , Community Development tradeoffs , How to become an urban planning consultant , City Involvement in a CDC , Indigenous Culture and Community Development , Non-functioning HOA , Multiple CDC's , Code enforcement targeting an individual , Elected officials and a CDC , Objection to neighbors variance , Definition of Economic Development Corporation , Elected Officials and Ordinance Enforcement , Auto Repair Business vs. Boat Repair Business , Recognition as a Community Development Corporation , Is Urban Sprawl a Problem , Finding a Manufacturer of small community event artifacts? , Aims and Objectives of Community Development , Essential Steps in Strategic Planning for Communities , Searching for Measurement Scales ,Questionnaires, and Surveys for A Thesis , How can a community improve a neighborhood , How community can evaluate their parks , How do you give a neighborhood character? , Saw the New Page about Recycling Buildings , and 1960s Suburb Needs Refreshing)

Still under Visitor Submitted Community Development Questions, we have sorted as many questions as possible into the following categories.  Note that on the category pages, such as civic engagement question (the first one below), you can find the form for submitting your question, which will be answered by editors and-or visitors if your question is chosen.  We're showing links to the individual question-and-answer pages in parentheses after the category name.


What's New is a record of the newest articles on the site and is formally titled Community Development Blog.

About Us Information about the background of our writers.   Newsletter Archive provides links to back issues of our almost-monthly newsletter, Quick Notes.  For those who are interested, we also wrote a review of our website's content management system and business builder, SBI.

Contact Us is a general contact form, although please use the community development question page on the navigation bar if you are asking a question.

Consulting gives information about contacting the site authors for consulting services, not about hiring consultants in general.

Affiliate Sponsorship Disclosure  Sure enough, we use Google ads and might use some other sponsorships in the future.  If so, we'll tell you right at the point of click.

Privacy Policy  Privacy policy is reached also from the footer of each page.

Last but not least, this Sitemap.

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