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typical ranch house, which might raise housing questions for some communities

We underestimated how many housing questions would come in through the Contact Us feature of the website.  We understand that many things you wonder about may be personal, but if and when you have a situation that you can share anonymously with everyone in the world, here's the place to ask.

Not everyone is convinced that the little three-bedroom ranch of the type shown here is the most affordable or desirable option.

We hear questions about being a landlord, a real estate investor, a homeowner, and a tenant renting from a private landlord or a government subsidized program. 

The overall condition of the housing in a community, and the arrangement of those homes within a street hierarchy, business districts, employment centers, and open spaces, determines a fairly large proportion of the success of any community.

Given that in most towns and cities residential use is by far the most prevalent land use, the role of housing as central to community development, image, and market is solidified.

Our own pet theory is that we place more weight on perceptions that we can understand, and almost all of us can relate to places to live that are common in our area.  From the community perspective, it's worth major attention to the appearance and functionality of your housing stock.

What do we mean?  Well, would anyone whose economic circumstances allowed options want to live in a particular neighborhood?  Are certain characteristics of the homes culturally obsolete?  Americans want closets and garages, and it's hard to talk them into sacrificing those amenities.

Young people living in European town centers or old towns would be equally hard to convince that a house isolated on a cul-de-sac would be a desirable place to live.

In the U.S. the Census Bureau does a good job of compiling aggregate information about housing units.  We detail how to get started with obtaining that data on the neighborhood demographics page.

We find that housing questions aren't unique to one person. Weird difficulties in trying to obtain clear title, ambiguities between the common law idea of what is a nuisance and the diminishing legal definition of nuisances in most jurisdictions, and disputes when buying or renting a home are commonplace.

Real estate development, subdivision platting, and construction of government-subsidized units in the U.S. and most other places has proceeded in waves of activity, so it's likely that your difficulty pertains to many more folks in your area.

So check out the invitation below to ask your housing questions.  It will be fine to leave your name blank if you wish. If we publish your question and our answer, which we will if your question is understandable to others, a new web page results, and you can use it in social media if you like.

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